Payment Methods

Payment Methods Accepted PayPal, OKPay, Webmoney, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payza, Skrill(Moneybookers)

We at FXA Trade believe that every country in the world should benefit from using FXA Trade forex systems. For this reason, we accept numerous payment methods that can be used from almost all countries. We are one of the only forex software development companies that accept multiple sources of payment. This is one of the reasons why we are well known across the globe and many people have the chance to use our forex products/services. There are some countries where certain payment methods are insupportable. For this reason, we have provided a solution that will allow anyone to make a purchase. In order to pay using OKPay, Webmoney, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payza or Skrill, you must send the correct amount in USD to the account(s) highlighted. If using PayPal, the payment procedure is automatic. payment methods accepted

If you want to send us money directly using the payment methods above, please send it to the highlighted accounts mentioned below.

  • PayPal: payments @
  • Webmoney: Z415395183867
  • OKPay: OK102030613
  • Payza: payments @
  • EGOPay: payments @
  • Perfect Money: U4738897
  • Skrill: moneybookers @

Common FAQ For Payments

Can I pay in separate amounts? Answer: Yes you can. Please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Will the price be the same for all methods? Answer: Yes, prices for our forex software remain the same for all payment methods. Payments must be sent in USD.

To see our full FAQ section, please click here. You may contact our support team at anytime should you have any concerns/questions on a purchase you made or a purchase you intend to make. Please be as informative as possible so that we can help you more efficiently. Keep your transaction information ready if requested by us.